April 2010

  • Illustration of tired mitochondria.

    When Cells Face an Energy Crisis

    Malfunctioning Mitochondria Cause Many Disorders

    Tiny capsule-shaped structures called mitochondria provide energy to your cells. But when they're defective, mitochondria can cause a host of health problems.
  • Illustration of mom looking at milk skeptically as kids have milk and cookies.

    Dairy Dilemma

    Are You Getting Enough Calcium?

    You may be avoiding dairy products because of lactose intolerance. Or you might have other reasons. But dairy products are a major source of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients that are important for your body.

Contributors to this issue: 

  • Vicki Contie
  • Bryan Ewsichek (design)
  • Margaret Georgiann (illustrations)
  • Harrison Wein