October 2019

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Health Capsule

Eye Safety Tips for Kids

Do your kids know how to keep their eyes healthy? Do they know what to do if their eye is injured or they get something in it?

It’s important for kids to learn how to take care of their eyes and know what to do if they’re injured, so they can act fast and get help.

One of the most common eye injuries for kids is getting hit in the eye with an object, like a ball, rock, or an elbow. If that happens, they can place a cold compress on their eye for 15 minutes to help the pain and swelling go down.

Getting something in the eye, like dust or sand, is also common. It can hurt and make kids want to rub their eyes. Instead, wash the eye out with water. Do the same if a chemical splashes into their eye—for at least 10 minutes.

Kids should always tell an adult if they’ve had an eye injury. They may need to go to the doctor.

Good eye health involves eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough physical activity, washing your hands before putting them near your eyes, and wearing protective gear during sports activities or science class.

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