January 2011

  • Illustration of an older woman getting an eye exam.

    Your Aging Eyes

    How You See as Time Goes By

    You can’t prevent all age-related changes to your eyes. But you can take steps to protect your vision and reduce your risk for serious eye disease in the future. Effective treatments are now available for many eye disorders. You can also learn how to make the most of the vision you have.
  • Illustration of several proteins with different shapes.

    Biological Blueprints

    Protein Shapes Help Treat Disease

    Proteins deliver oxygen to your tissues, defend against infection, digest food and even make new proteins. These molecules are uniquely designed to carry out their tasks. If we can understand how protein shapes affect what they do, we might be able to understand what goes wrong in some diseases and develop better treatments.

Contributors to this issue: 

  • Emily Carlson
  • Vicki Contie
  • Bryan Ewsichek (design)
  • Harrison Wein